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Generation Y High School Fete

Y.O.W. Charity Treat, A Welcomed Success


Driven by the strenuous financial climate in which parents grapple with their children's Back to School expenses, YOW in partnership with Digicel stepped in, in the form of the YOW Family Fun Day (Charity Treat) to alleviate some of the pressures felt by parents at this time of the year. The event, which took place, last week Saturday, September 8, 2012 on the Digicel Fields in New Kingston was an undeniable success.
On entering the venue, patrons were supplied with an arm band along with lunch tickets. Food was provided by KFC, Pizza Hut, Honey Bun, CB Chicken, and Juici Patties while drinks were provided by Wisynco, Cariburst, Jamaica Beverages, and Coldfield..
As they eagerly waited their turn to ride on the Bull or launch a target at the Dunk Tank, some students bobbed their heads to the music played by Burger, DJ Serge and ZJ Wahwa respectively, on the Digicel Truck.
In close proximity were a Digicel Blow Up Soccer Game (Interactive Booth) and an Internet Tent with Laptops also courtesy of Digicel. At the former, students, boys and girls included, queued to test their football expertise. At the latter, children crowded around laptops, their fingers nimbly moving across the keyboards as they played games and surfed popular internet sites like Facebook.
imageBurger, who was later accompanied by ZJ Bambino, had a witty sense of humour, which did not go unnoticed as persons migrated from all corners of the field to partake in the festivities on stage. Although, the chances of winning a phone card, phones, and other prizes being given away could have been the underlying reason for the migration. Nevertheless, he had a very comely personality that kept smiles on faces and occasionally invoked laughter.
On stage, competitions ranged from Dancing Contest to a Dannon Yogurt Eating Contest. There was even a Honey Bun Goldie Eating Contest, all of which were geared towards the students. Students were also encouraged to enter the First Global Bank raffle, where one lucky Hydel student later walked away with a gift basket.
However, competitions were not limited to them. Teachers and parents were persuaded to participate in a Cranberry Wata Drinking Contest. Followed by a Worst Phone contest, where one patron received a Digicel cellular phone. Still, the most fascinating contest was rather inventive and hilarious, Big Nose Contest, the winner of which, walked away with a Five Hundred Dollars ($500) Digicel phone card.

After a break for lunch, Bambino, who had earlier joined Burger on stage, declared that there would be numerous guest appearances. To kick-start the segment, he sang some of his popular hits, including "Butter on your Bread". He also introduced his new single, "Yeah Yeah (On the Beach)".
imageHe then introduced, Wowchi, an upcoming artiste who gave a resounding performance of his single, "Rat Psycho", a parody of Tommy Lee's, "Psycho", which had the crowd doubling over with laughter.
When I-Octane took to the stage, there were collective shouts of approval among the crowd. Wasting no time, the artiste launched into his hit singles, "Nuh Ramp wid We", "Mama You Alone", "We Love di Vibes", "Mankind Heart", "Man a Suffer Too Long (My Story)", "Burn dem Bridge". The song, "Roll it up and Puff it" was a popular request. The artiste obliged the audience and ended with "Bad Mind fi di Year".
Following the guest appearances, students who were instructed to form lines in accordance with the schools they represented, received Digicel bags. The bags contained calculators, exercise books, note books, pencils, pencil cases and a water bottle.
After which, there was a Talent Contests for students willing to show off their talent in song, dance and poetry. The top prize eventually went to a Calabar student who started his poem with the line, "Mi Hungry". Burger good naturedly snatched the microphone from him, proclaiming that he was lying because he had been recently fed.
imageUpon ZJ Bambino's intervention, he relented and the student was allowed to continue his performance. After collecting his gift, he delivered a memorable and fitting closing song titled, "Education Mi Rather".
Emphasizing the need for education, Orett Bambino Hart and Delroy Escoffery delivered the vote of thanks. Special thanks were given to sponsors: Digicel, First Global Bank, Honey Bun, KFC, Pizza Hut, CB Chicken, Juici Patties, Wisynco, Cariburst, Jamaica Beverages, Coldfield, Event R Us, Main Event, I Print, Novelty Party Rentals, Jus Kidz Party Supplies, Party Plus, Arm Bands Plus & Jamaica Tickets, Irie FM, Zip 103 FM, Sonia Lee Fashion, Romeich Wear, and Metrodade Security without which, the event would not have been possible.


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